My name is Sven Ingelfinger

Hardware Development | Altium Training | Consultant

Over the last few years I have built up a wealth of experience in using Altium Designer through my work as a hardware developer at IDS-Imaging Development Systems GmbH. Through the transition to Altium Designer, the introduction of Altium Vault and Altium Concord Pro, as well as numerous development projects, I have been able to continually broaden, extend and deepen my knowledge.

Teaching new colleagues and students led me to create Altium training videos, demonstrating hands-on use of Altium Designer. Over the years, these trainings have grown into a comprehensive course offering.

My goal is to share this wealth of experience with you.
It is very important to me that you, as a developer, get the most out of Altium Designer.

Each course is based on a holistic project flow. This is the common thread that runs through each Altium training course. Along the project you will learn the individual functions and their interrelationships. This ensures that you always see how you can put what you have learned into practice.

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Hours of course material

All advantages at a glance

There are many tutorials - but what is important?

You determine the timing and pace of your learning

In the online course, you decide when and how much you want to learn. You can pause the training at any time and resume it at a later time.

Practical knowledge training directly from users for users

Learn directly from the user and benefit from useful knowledge from practice. You will receive helpful methods and tips & tricks that have already proven themselves in numerous projects.

Online training means flexibility - benefit from the advantages

Remain independent and decide yourself about time & place of your further education. Available at any time, when you want, where you want and as often as you want.

Fast and efficient repetition of the course content possible at any time

Unlike in a live seminar, you can repeat the training content at any time and as often as you like. Use specific knowledge exactly when you need it.

Learn step by step on the holistic project flow

Learn about Altium Designer® and its features through a complete project workflow. You will then be able to create your own projects.

Promoting and shaping employee training in a targeted manner

Especially new colleagues or students often do not get the necessary attention they need. Benefit from an independent online training for the further education of your employees.